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Nuasin's team of staff and teachers are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and rigorous learning environment.

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Why Join Nuasin Next Generation?

  • A Supportive Team

    One of the most important elements for any organization to run smoothly and efficiently is teamwork and support of the team. The support team at NNCGS goes above and beyond to ensure staff needs are heard and met within reason. Anytime someone needs help or guidance on lesson planning, classroom management, ways to engage scholars, integration of new technology and ideas or even test prep, a coach or member of leadership is right there with what’s needed. It’s not just leadership and coaches that provide the support. Fellow teachers are always will to help out where they can, really helping to instill the idea of family and collaboration within these walls.

  • Competitive Benefits

    Finding a job that is able to balance fair and competitive benefits within a constantly growing and evolving field like education is an often difficult endeavor. Here at NNGCS, we offer a wide range of competitive and affordable benefits. These benefits include health, vision, dental, short and long term disability, as well as a company matched HSA plan among many others. On top of that, the company is always looking for ways to bring us better benefits at a more affordable rate, as well as a free parking lot for those of that drive in to work.

  • Competitive Salary

    One of the most commonly sought after aspects of anyone working is the ability to support themselves through a fair and competitive salary. NNGCS offers a competitive salary.

  • Community Centered

    If there is one thing that really stands out about NNGCS, it’s how community centered the organization is. NNGCS provides a safe, clean, rigorous learning environment for students and serves as a beacon for how far the community has come. NNGCS often thinks of the community first when planning activities and exercises. It has acted as a summer breakfast and lunch pickup location to provide food for local students in the community. This, along with the values and knowledge being instilled in the scholars by our teachers, has been instrumental in turning out civic minded members of the local community.

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