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A Letter From Our Lower School Principal

Kurt at graduation

Welcome to the Nuasin Next Generation Family! When we say family, we mean it. Our school family is here to support, inspire, and be a dependable partner for all scholars and families in the Highbridge community. Our three pillars are rigor, self-advocacy, and community.

We have been building a strong community for over 10 years. When scholars or families walk in the door, they are seen as members of the family, not customers. Our community is driven by a commitment to each and every scholar to succeed not only in academics, but also all the skills needed to truly be ready for the next generation.

Through restorative practices, we proactively build our community in a nurturing and accountable manner, which in turn gives space for highly rigorous and engaging instruction. Our goal is for all of our scholars to be able to self-advocate and communicate their unique experiences to the outside world. I am proud of the job I have, to empower our scholars to present their greatness to the world!

Kurt Davison signature Kurt Davidson
Lower School Principal
Nuasin Next Generation
Why Nuasin?

Rigor. Self-Advocacy. Community.

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