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At Nuasin Next Generation, we believe in the unlimited talent and intellectual potential of our scholars and our community. We cultivate this talent and intellectual potential through a progressive education that focuses on deep exploration, thoughtful questioning, relentless curiosity and critical thinking. Nuasin Next Generation Charter School implements a progressive K-12 educational program and an unyielding commitment to cultivating our scholars’ innate intellectual talents to empower our graduates to achieve excellence in their postsecondary paths and make positive impacts on the broader community. Every single one of our scholars have the potential to be great and change the world, at Nuasin Next Generation we prepare our scholars for that opportunity.

At Nuasin Next Generation, our scholars are:

  • …diverse.

    We are part of a diverse, vibrant community that celebrates learning.

  • …lifelong learners

    We introduce scholars to a lifelong love of learning that lasts well beyond our doors.

  • …ambitious

    Our scholars are prepared to take on the challenges of college and career

  • …changemakers

    They are future inventors, writers, creators, and thinkers.

The Mission of Nuasin Next Generation stands firmly on the foundation of our three pillars: Rigor, Self-Advocacy, and Community. These three pillars are the guiding principles for our school and culture. Every decision we make as a school and as an organization is guided by our three pillars. Please find a deeper explanation of the pillars below.

Why Nuasin Next Generation?

At Nuasin Next Generation Charter School, we educate tomorrow’s leaders.

Learn About Our Approach

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